- Acknowledgment of country, Bundjalung and respect to past, present and emerging leaders of the Arakwal  Bumberlin people.

About Lets Be Well :

Lets Be Well  is committed to creating an ecology of wellness, and to acknowledge how this is harnessed by a holistic way of being in the world. Drawing from Transpersonal Psychology, Counselling, Coaching, Permaculture principles, Polynesian philosophy, Taoism, Yoga, Tantric philosophies and ongoing entheogenic guidance , Lets Be Well supports the individual and groups in rebirthing a renewed sense of wellbeing.


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At Lets Be Well we ask: What do people need to feel a sense of Love, Belonging and Wholeness?

People need to feel safe, heard and seen for who they are, especially while attempting to make choices and positive changes in their life. At Lets Be Well we honour your entire inner landscape, where all parts of you deemed ugly, wrong and shameful can be seen and heard. Not resisting these parts creates a beautiful neutrality that is at the centre of all creative ease, flow and abundance in life on the planet.

All natural living things on this planet are in constant equal witnessing and revenernce to each other, it is from this witnessing and reverence that all life blossoms and grows with awe and appreciation for being seen witnessed and herald.

We are born into this world whole and complete, as close to pure consciousness than at any other time. We are deeply connected to an internal guidance system. This is the silent rhythmic pulse and breath of life, the invisible glue of the Tao breathing balance into the polarities of creation that the Yin and yang create.  In our infancy we have a dependence upon care-givers slowly we are moulding from the outside in. As we attune to the external world and its influences, we slowly lose this internal guidance as our reference point of existence and purpose. Coupled with the impacts of environmental and cultural influences in our developmental years, our connection to this internal guidance system can become a far forgotten ally. Generations may pass before the discomfort of how we are living calls us to peel back the layers of our external identities, personalities.

In 2019 we are faced with economic, political, environmental and human rights issues like never before. Confronted with global injustices, we are forced to ask "How does this affect me?" and "How am I contributing?” The disharmony in our external world becomes a measure of the disharmony we feel within. Our level of ignorance or complacency to local and global concerns also contributes to a sense of personal dis-ease that eventually needs our attention.

Social media is thriving and is the new norm for connection implying connectivity and intimacy yet distancing us more and more. Social media feeding on the reward centres of the brain, the online world invites interaction and connection while disconnecting us from our deepest feelings, emotions and relationships and human potential and capacity to be authentic and vulnerable face to face. 

In the pursuit of wellness we need to look at all our parts and how they contribute to, or impede our wellbeing. Shining a light on the patriarchy and capitalism  we observe a growing culture of displacement, narcissism and emotional complacency in the human experience with exceedingly high alcohol and other drug addiction, depression, pharmaceutical slavery and excessively high suicide rates among men. Horrifying sexual abuse and domestic violence statistics towards woman. 

Learning to identify and express feelings and vulnerability safely invites healing of the self and others.


Why is Lets Be Well Necessary?




Lets Be Well is necessary because equality for all is a global value, a way of being far beyond the symbol of marriage.  Equality is calling for us to remember how to accept all parts of ourself.

 In creating spaces for people to learn to witness their human sufferings that reside in the mind and emotional body we allow compassion to rise and unfold. There has been a patriarchal influence on the planet for thousands of years contributing to genocides, wars and inequalities that still continue. The effects have resulted in generational traumas, dysfunctions and dis-eases in humanity and the planet. A complete domination of our more loving and compassionate human instincts have been wounded, shamed and abused. The industrial revolution has built a robotic society of conquerer and destroy where the societal construct has been embedded within polarisation (separation/ division) strong/ soft/ feminine/ masculine- gay/ straight/ light/dark good/evil.

The age of equality is finally upon us and to live within a culture of equality we need to learn the art of true human "being" where all parts of our human experiences are witnessed as equal. This learning is a process, it includes an unraveling of engrained patterns and behaviours taught to us  and a learning to view our internal world inclusive and apart of rather then in conflict.

The world has grown into an unsafe environment due to  polarisation dominancy, we all need a safe environment to unravel the patriarchal oppression placed on our hearts, spirits, minds and bodies. People need the space to feel and learn to listen and witness away from the noise and dominance of the dominating and harsh patriarchal cultural norm. 

It is here that we can find WELL-BEING

Throughout my practices there has been one consistent theme: Everyone has a need to belong, receive love, feel trust and experience intimacy – the kind of intimacy that allows us to be seen, listened to without judgment, touched with care and loved for the most vulnerable parts of our humanity.  It’s important to acknowledge that in many intimate relationships our deepest human needs remain unmet. I have witnessed and experienced mental health issues, addictions, social isolation and suicidality where myself and people do not feel seen, loved and valued enough. Social media and the selfi generation implies a being seen and validation, feeding the reward centres of the brain with  like buttons and public validation however beneath the surface there is something much deeper and personal occurring. We must normalise this and bring this shadow into the light.

‘In recent generations, apathy and cynicism have become hip. These attitudes have hampered our quest for betterment, kept us from awakening to our positive role in the co-evolution of the planet, and blinded us from discerning the very patterns that help us thrive.’

Bruce H Lipton, PH.D – ‘Spontaneous Evolution’

A Lets Be Well I borrows from a number of principles and philosophies to support my vision and services.

The Chinese philosophy of Taoism and the Yin and Yang are a fundamental point of reference for anyone seeking to understand the basic energetics of the human and earth relationship. 


The Tao philosophy of the Yin/Yang acts as a gentle reminder of the fluidity of human nature and that although creation is made up  up of polarities, harmony and ease grows out of acknowledging and accepting all other parts as apart of the whole. Learning to breathe the tao as an all seeing observer and witness  and embracing all thoughts, feelings, emotions , sensations experiences as equal is where we melt into the tao of inner peace. There truly is no division or separation, all parts are an ocean.

 Lets Be Well works with  the powerful Sriyantra mandala.

the Sri Yantra mandala

the Sri Yantra mandala

The Upper triangle representing Yang/ Masculine/ Shiva energy and the down pointing triangle representing the Feminine/ Yin/ Shakti energies. These polar opposites cannot exist without each other, yet there is also a non binary "fluidity" to these aspects within all of nature and humanity. When we bring the opposites together within we create a sacred union where a harmony and neutrality exists. This is known as the middle place where we can observe and witness all parts to the whole and rest in complete bliss and harmony.

 The Sri Yantra symbol is as much a symbol of the same principles alive in the Yin/ Yang.  

Shiva / Shakti

Shiva / Shakti



Lets Be Well believes that the greatest voyage one can embark upon is moving from the head to the heart. When we develop a felt sense of clarity and value with our relationship with our heart and learn to train our mind to be in service to the heart, we find Love, Belonging, Wellness.

Anahata/ Heart Chakra

Anahata/ Heart Chakra

At Lets Be Well I acknowledge that for some people, the expression and sharing of love comes with great vulnerability and challenges. These challenges vary and are connected to our learnings of love as children. To feel love, to receive love or share love, to speak words of love, and to ask to be touched with love can land on the laps of some people with resistance and fear of rejection.

Lets Be Well advocates for the language of love and free expression of the heart. I create the space for you and your heart, body and mind to reunite in love. When this occurs, the impact ripples out to your environment and becomes a co-creation of harmony to the world. It is from this space that our contribution to the collective is felt from the internal guidance system we were born with, that is deeply connected to the collective consciousness of all life on the planet.

I offer a safe space where the unlearning of institutional obedience can occur through your own supported self inquiry.

During this process of unlearning a renewed embodied and heart centred way of being unfurls.


There is a natural cycle from which the earth and all its species are apart of, these cycles can be seen in the season changes throughout our twelve month calendar year. We acknowledge that each individual is on their own journey where the same cycles of destruction, creation, embodiment, preservation and release occur from within as well as out in the world. This cycle is also represented within the ancient symbol of the Nataraja. The dancing Shiva dances the same dance of destruction, creation, embodiment, preservation and release. This cycle and dance is the dance of the universe and humanity is made up of the same principals. The dancing shiva can be seen dancing on the body of a dwarf which represents the ignorance of man/humanity. 


As above so below, so it is within.

The dancing Shiva (Nataraj) is the dance of destruction, creation, embodiment, preservation and release upon the head of ignorance that can be man.

The dancing Shiva (Nataraj) is the dance of destruction, creation, embodiment, preservation and release upon the head of ignorance that can be man.

Cycles of destruction, creation, embodiment, preservation and release exemplified through nature. The Macrocosm that is also the microcosm.

Cycles of destruction, creation, embodiment, preservation and release exemplified through nature. The Macrocosm that is also the microcosm.

Lets Be Well ask powerful questions in relation to your personal story, inviting you to explore the deeper resources of your internal landscape, and the relationship of your inner and external worlds. At times I may challenge and support you in developing congruence between these worlds. For instance your inner world and voice may be seeking greater harmony and peace while your external world may be fraught with dysfunctional friendship circles/ looping family patterns that drain you or a work life imbalance, this is just to name a few. Exploring these layers is a process that one can be either committed to or not, this commitment is a challenge for all humans, however  as a human centred community service Lets Be Well is passionately driven to serve you in this way. 

Lets Be Well values: 

Love: A profoundly tender, passionate affection

Belonging: A felt sense of feeling safe, seen, held and supported in partnership/ friendship and community

Wholeness: Relationship to all aspects of human nature, especially one's emotional, intellectual, physical, social, environmental, financial and spiritual needs.