Sovereign Coaching is the artistry of working collaboratively with you to support and enable you to live in greater personal fulfilment and wellness. Sovereign Coaching facilitates an aliveness and alignment with ones authentic self (sovereign self) where the direct focus is on moving you toward your personal call of evolution.

What does Sovereign mean?

The term Sovereign literally means the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies. 

How can Sovereign Coaching help me?
You may have a sense of something that is not working for you in your life.
This could be a pattern of behaviours, thoughts or beliefs that are harming you or others. You may be aware of a need to let go and integrate new thoughts beliefs or behaviours in your life. You have a sense that there is something yet you struggle to find the skills, tools or motivation to see through to the change that you seek.

Sovereign Coaching could be right for you if you find yourself  thinking or saying

I need someone to listen
I need support in defining for myself what brings meaning and purpose to my life
I wish I could achieve
Im not being my greatest potential
Who am I?
I feel I'm meant to be more, share more, be of service more.

Drawing from knowledge and experience in CBT, ACT,  Person- Centred Therapy, Behaviour Therapy, Holistic Counselling and Transpersonal Coaching I am able to help you to understand how your mind works, and how cultural influences and events may have shaped your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. I can also help you to gain clarity and confidence in thinking and behaving differently. I can support you in self determining powerful choices that align with your needs through aligning with your personal values.

Sessions are guided by your agenda and practical tools, activities and powerful questions will be presented when needed to mirror for you where you are at.

My role is to hold space, witness and listen to you deeply from a space of sovereignty within myself. Consistent experiences over the years continue to humble me by the beauty and magic that unfurls in people when they are held and supported from this place.

Methods are called on intuitively and can be structured, creative and cognitive.
Sovereignty Coaching specialises in a transpersonal approach, meaning beyond the personal and looks at the individual beyond the self and as part of community, the earth and the universe.

Do you hear and feel a call from within that is calling you into being?

Lets Be Well  Sovereign Coaching will gently support you in mirroring to you your relationship with this part of your self. Supporting you in learning to filter out the external noise and stories of the external world that have disconnected you, reuniting you with your sovereignty.

Lets Be Well Sovereignty Coaching involves a holding of and discovering and redefining of your relationship to yourself and your birthright as a sovereign. It is here that a renewed humbleness and reverence for the self and all life ufurls, reuniting you with the inner guidance that has always been your soveignty.



Sovereign Coaching                                             

(Zoom/ Skype sessions available) 

An initial thirty minute session is complimentary, this way we can meet to attain a rapport and to clarify your needs and objectives while discerning if Lets Be Well Sovereign Coaching services is the right fit for you. 

Coaching sessions are more successful based on a minimum of a four to seven session commitments. This allows for support and accountability during peak transition and change periods. 

Practical activities and exercises are provided to support you , a fifteen minute check in call between sessions acts as a support tool for solution focussed self accountability.

Note: Your Financial contribution/ commitment is an energy exchange and commitment choice that you make to yourself and your journey to be supported and accounted for by me as your Sovereign Mirror


60 minute single sessions- book when you need it

60-90 minute session package- a series of 4-7 sessions to build consistency and momentum

All bodywork requests throughout Soveregin Coaching periods will be referred to high regarded Bodyworkers to support your integration





Lets Be Well simply supports the right of each human individual to find the value and power within to make powerful choices for themselves and their community where love, belonging, wholeness and freedom is each humans birth right.