Jasper is playful, bright, relational, fun & passionate
Bringing smiles, such warmth and love, helpful and healing hands of contribution. Always safe to be real and feel heard and accepted.
— Rain Czupryna, MTP (Master of Transpersonal Psych) AHPRA Registered Psychologist, Transpersonal Coach, Mentor, Facilitator, 2015
Jasper is a creative, passionate, enthusiastic being with an integrity that refuses to be compromised. Not afraid to seek connection with others and take risks to discover their truth and his too. He cares deeply about the earth and its inhabitants, putting aside personal interest out of concern for the collective. He see’s the dynamic workings of consciousness and community in ecological synthesis. My eyes have been further opened to this thanks to him. I’ve been inspired by his artistic creations, his passionate flair and his emphatic and embodied presence in the world. And through his example, I’ve been moved to seek out deeper intimacy in community. You’ve got an essential role to play in this world Jasper and as always I support you and wish you well.
— Darren Keen, Counsellor, Sexalogical Bodyworker/ Educator, 2015
Darren Keen

Darren Keen

Jasper’s healing massage with me was completely life altering. Following a stage of life that seemed to be expiring and a recent very difficult hurt, Jasper welcomed me into the sacred healing space and responded deeply and with grace to my healing needs. My experience was very powerful, cathartic and profound. Waves of emotion moved through me, I experienced visions and guidance, things were expelled and parts of me felt cleansed. I realised deep seated beliefs that needed to be shed and connected with what I believe to be the essence of my soul, my true self. As I moved through pain there were moments of ecstacy and joy along with the deep understanding that all will be well for me as I reconnect with my true path. Days later things continue to shift and settle and I continue to experience insights, warmth and balancing. I cannot express my heartfelt gratitude to Jasper enough. With him I felt totally safe. He is a sacred healer. Thank you so much xo
— Dr. Jonathan Tandos BBSc (Hons), PhD, MAPS, ASH, ACBS Clinical Psychologist Acting National Convener TPIG APS
Jonathan Tandos

Jonathan Tandos

From your hands I felt your strength, spirit and energy lift me; they held cared and healed me.
I went to a place not visited for a very long time; I allowed myself to feel the intimate connection; it overwhelmed me as I had securely had it locked behind a self imposed wall; a self imposed punishment; But it appeared; it warmed my heart, soul; emotions built up as I realised I had not lost the ability to connect; This realisation made me cry.
After the massage I lay exhausted; but at peace; my mind finally at rest; my body soothed and nurtured from your healing touch.
I felt as one again.
— Greg, 2015
What a privilege it was to meet you last Sunday. Thank you for your welcome, openness, generosity and love.
— Adam, 2015
I have been seeing Jasper for over 6 months, I have received excellent massage ever since,
usually fortnightly.
I am a recently retired chiropractor having practiced for over 30 years. I loved my job but had to give it up due to developing osteoarthritis in both wrists and knees.
I have seen many masseurs over the years. Both formally and informally trained. Some were good; some pretty poor; some downright dodgy. Diplomas do not necessarily make a good practitioner. However Jasper has a natural and intuitive massage style that suited my body perfectly. In fact he has been able to take me on an internal spiritual journey as well as a physical one. I am very impressed and have never experienced anything quite like it. In fact I look forward to my next appointment.
I cannot recommend his services highly enough.
— Kenneth Given (Retired Chiropractor)
Most importantly a lot of the comfort and familiarity I felt during our session had to do with how your inherently generous spirit, utmost sincerity and intuition could simply put me at ease. Qualities as such are very admirable, a gift as well as a philosophy not practised enough by others!
— Eric, 2015
Jasper is a superb massage practitioner. I have had the privilege of several different types of treatment with him and they have each exceeded all my expectations.

From the moment he greets you at the door Jasper’s friendly, warm demeanour and genuine care for his clients immediately sets you at ease. Using sound, music and his voice, he creates an atmosphere which is welcoming and nurturing. He always works with intuitive sensitivity and a sensual touch that will send you to heaven. Jasper’s hands seem to communicate directly from his spirit to yours. A tremendous calm and relaxation.

A treatment with Jasper can be much more than a chilled experience; he brings great dynamism to his massages, too. His honed strength and energy combine to penetrate into your muscles and to drive aches and stiffness away. Indeed it is the way he seamlessly threads together the sensuousness of a relaxation massage with the restorative work of a more physical therapuetic treatment that lifts an experience with Jsper out of the everyday into the realms of the very special. Generous with his time, Jasper is an extremely nice person, and I can recommend his massages sincerely.
— Bruce Garcon, Opera Singer, 2015

A beautiful, warming, heart opening experience. Jasper holds a safe space to let go and trust in his flow. He is gentle and smiling while bringing forth the masculine energy. It is beautiful to be held in a man's presence, to be connected with your divine, with some one who holds a very respectful space. My body felt, stretched, freed and opened by your healing hands and presence.

Mahalo, deep gratitude Alana Siddle, Lomi Lomi Practitioner

Alana Siddle

Alana Siddle