Lets Be Well offers a diversity of transpersonal process oriented workshops that speak to the heart, mind and soul of the individual, community or organisation. Providing informative and interactive processing we support the learning development and integration of transpersonal perspectives, communication practises and intimacy building between people and community as a whole.
Lets Be Well workshops aim to support participants in gaining greater wellness through exploring Love, Belonging, Wholeness and freedom within a workshop community based context.




Purpose:  To shine a light on shame, to allow the imperfection of our human nature to heal and humble us personally and collectively.

This workshop is  process oriented group to safely navigate shame based trauma. Through process oriented group interaction we individually and collectively hear, see and feel our shame narrative that immobilises us in our life.

Objective: To witness the shared human struggles experienced in life as a result of shame. To soften and reveal our human imperfection vulnerability and strengths

“Always seek to allow others space to be imperfect.” Alan DownsThe Velvet Rage

Fortnightly Groups available 



Purpose:   To bring  community together to explore gender polarities and our relationships to all parts of self through a mythological archetypal context.

As Ginette Paris says, “myths have no dogma”

The Somatic Embodiment Workshop  is a journey and discovery into the polarised archetypes of the Lover, Magician, warrior, king,  Diana, Lover, Priestess, Queen, Two Spirit. 

In this workshop we will discover and recover our fragmented, disowned  archetypal qualities within. We will explore in depth the attributes and qualities of each archetype and inquire into how we may be oppressing these qualities and inquire how each archetype relates to us individually.

We have all been living in a polarised world which has resulted in a colonisation and polarisation of our opposing parts. This workshop aims to reunite you with parts of yourself that you had long forgotten or abandoned.

Objective: To facilitate a discovering and recovering of our oppressed and disowned qualities and strengths that have been hidden due to the pressures of social polarisation. 


Rhythmic Visions: A theraputic dance movement program inspired by the priciples of the Nataraja (dancing Shiva) 

Explore the rhythmic embodied flow of your destructive and creative powers through movement. Explore the physical expression of your embodiment and how to preserve in your cells what is created by you. Play with releasing through intention and rhythmic expression as a tool for allowing the abundance of your manifestations to come into fruition. 


Programs Available upon request